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      TC Electronic TC8210-DT
      • Desktop controlled plug-in brings classic TC reverb sound to your DAW
      • Dedicated desktop interface with intuitive hands-on control
      • Huge reverb variety to perfectly suit diverse musical needs
      TC Electronic TC8210-DT | En stock à External location | Précommande et ramassage à Berne le 19.07.2019 En stock à External location
      TC Electronic
      Game Changer Audio Plasma Rack (black)
      • Extended EQ controls with separate low, mid and high controls.
      • 3 FX loops in different sections of the signal chain
      • Two units can be used in master/slave configuration for stereo use
      <h3>Disponibilité</h3><span><span class="red">Sera command&eacute; pour vous aussi vite que possible</span></span> Sera commandé pour vous aussi vite que possible
      Game Changer Audio
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